Permission to be still

Colleen Schindler

Colleen Schindler’s work attempts to hold onto moments that convey intimate experiences of place.  The images are derived from details in natural and built environments, including mundane objects like wallpaper, rugs, and fabrics that are peeling, faded and stained, as well as elements of landscape such as mosses, lichens, or the sway of seaweed in the water that is somewhat floating but still tethered to the rocks.

Her drawings and embroideries represent intentionally taking time to be in one’s place and notice that which is usually unnoticed.  They attempt to push out the busy-ness of our lives and extend memories and experiences.

This work is about allowing oneself to be slow.

Colleen Schindler is an award-winning contemporary interdisciplinary artist living in Stratford. Her recent works incorporate drawing, photography, and textile-based media and she explores multiple recurring themes surrounding memory, place, time and shared experience.


Gallery Stratford would like to honour the ancestral guardians of this land and its waterways: the Anishinaabe, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, the Wendat, and the Neutral people.